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Afrika Botanicals is a leading supplier of Thaumatin.

Thaumatin is an incredible sweetener and viable alternative to cane sugar.

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Supplier of Premium Grade

⦁ Sourced from Ghana.
⦁ West and Central is seen to be the world premium supplier of Thaumatin.
Due to the nature of Thaumatin smaller quantities are supplied. We are able to offer samples but request that samples and freight are paid for by the inquirer. Thaumatin is a serious contender in the sweetening processes.

Afrika Botanicals is a supplier of the world’s finest Thaumatin.

We welcome business owners and entrepreneurs from South Africa and around the world to contact us for further information on our alternative and viable Thaumatin sweetener.

Why deal with us for Thaumatin?
⦁ We understand the export and import process and will assist you with all documentation.

About Thaumatin - The King of Sweetness

Thaumatin is a low-calorie sweetener and flavour modifier found as a mixture of proteins isolated from the katemfe fruit (Thaumatoccus danielli) native to the tropical rainforest areas of West and Central Africa, primarily in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Gabon, Central Africa Republic and Cameroon. The fruits are available for nine to 10 months thereby creating a very stable supply environment.

A completely natural product. Thaumatin is extracted from fruits by water-based physical extraction.

It is a proteinaceous food ingredient 2 000 to 3 000 times sweeter than sugar and is non-carcinogenic with no glycaemic index. Thaumatin is highly water-soluble, stable to heating, and stable at pH ranges between 2 and 8.

The body digests Thaumatin in the same way as any other protein, and it is stable in food and drink formulations. It is considered a powerful masking agent, improving palatability.
Common names for this species include miracle fruit or berry, katamfe or katempfe, Yoruba soft cane, and African serendipity berry.

Thaumatin comprises a mix of two proteins named Thaumatin T1 and Thaumatin T2, whose proteins are composed of 207 amino acids and have a molecular weight of 22 209 and 22 293.

The calorie intake of thaumatin is negligible (4.1 cal/g = 17 J/g). It modifies the sensory quality of products – masking unpleasant or bitter tastes. The powder is easily soluble in cold water and solvents such as glycerin, propylene, ethanol, and polyols like sorbitol.

Thaumatin Applications

Pharmaceutical Industry
It is used in antibiotics, analgesics, antacids, cough syrups, herbal products, pharma drugs, and medicated gums.


Benefits of Thaumatin

  • ⦁ Powerful masking agent reducing bitterness and medicinal notes
    ⦁ Reduces after taste and bitterness of Vitamin C
    ⦁ Reduces bitterness and astringency of Vitamin B2 & B6
    ⦁ Reduces bitter caffeine notes
  • Oral Care

  • It is already used in oral care products, such as mouth wash and toothpaste, for the following reasons:
    ⦁ Increases the cooling effect of mint flavours, thereby leaving a fresh, clean taste in the mouth
    ⦁ Masks the taste of anti-plaque agents such as zinc citrate trihydrate
    ⦁ In mouthwash liquids, the mouthfeel is improved by giving the perception of more body or viscosity
    ⦁ Tooth friendly
    Table-Top Sweeteners
    Thaumatin is suitable to be used as a table sweetener or combined with other sweeteners and is healthier for the following reasons:
    ⦁ Insignificant calorie contribution
    ⦁ Masks after taste of some high-intensity sweeteners like stevia
    ⦁ Delivers a sugar-like taste in combination with some high-intensity sweeteners and polyols
    ⦁ It’s 3000 times sweeter than sugar
    ⦁ Non-harmful to animals
  • Dairy and Non-Dairy

  • Works particularly well in yoghurts, mousses, ice cream and soy-based desserts
    ⦁ Perceived increase in the body, particularly in low-fat yoghurts and desserts
    ⦁ Improved flavour perception in low-fat products
    ⦁ Masks astringency or unwanted notes from other ingredients
  • Confectionary

  • It is suitable to produce candies and chocolate because it:
    ⦁ Enhances, improves, and prolongs flavours, particularly citrus, berry and mint
    ⦁ Helps to reduce the aftertaste of other high-intensity sweeteners
    ⦁ Sugar like taste in combination with polyols and high-intensity sweeteners
  • Beverages

  •  Ideal for water-based flavoured and non-alcoholic drinks, including dairy and soy-based beverages
    ⦁ Perfect at working with a primary sweetening system to enhance and round the flavour, including the sweetener profile
    ⦁ Masks after taste of some high-intensity sweeteners
    ⦁ Helps extend the shelf life of beverages by masking the breakdown of citrus
    ⦁ Low-fat dairy beverages seem creamier

  • Chewing Gum

  • ⦁ A longer-lasting flavour is a must for every chewing gum manufacturer
    ⦁ Significant enhancement of spearmint, peppermint, citrus, and other fruit flavours
    ⦁ Improved sweetness profile with polyols and high-intensity sweeteners with an enhanced cooling effect

  • Candy

  • ⦁ Thaumatin offers a healthier option
    ⦁ It needs to be used in parts per million (ppm) levels only
    ⦁ It imparts virtually zero calories
    ⦁ It can as well be used in combination with sugar, where 90% sugar can be replaced in the sweet by the proportionate amount of Thaumatin, thus bringing down the calories drastically

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