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Oil Colour Comparison

Left to right: Ximenia, Mongongo, Baobab, Kalahari Melon and Marula
Left to right: Ximenia, Mongongo, Baobab, Kalahari Melon and Marula

Big 5 African Oils box set

Big 5 African Oils box set

Carrier Oils:

A carrier oil is a base oil used to dilute essential oils before applying them to the skin or in various beauty and wellness applications. Carrier oils are named as such because they “carry” or “dilute” essential oils, making them safer and more suitable for direct application on the skin.

Key characteristics of carrier oils include:

Derived from Plants: Carrier oils are typically derived from various plants’ nuts, seeds, or kernels. Other examples of carrier oils include coconut, jojoba, almond and olive.

Neutral Scent and Properties: Carrier oils have a mild or neutral scent, unlike essential oils which often have strong and distinct aromas. This neutrality allows them to blend well with essential oils without overpowering or altering the desired fragrance.

Non-Volatile: Carrier oils are non-volatile, meaning they do not evaporate quickly like essential oils. They have a longer shelf life and provide a stable base for essential oils.

Moisturising and Nourishing: Carrier oils are known for their moisturising and nourishing properties, making them excellent skin and hair care choices. They help to hydrate and protect the skin while promoting a soft and smooth texture.

Dilution Medium: Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. Directly applying undiluted essential oils on the skin can cause irritation or sensitivity reactions. Carrier oils serve as a dilution medium, reducing the concentration of essential oils and making them safer for topical use.

Versatility: Carrier oils are versatile and can be used on their own as a simple moisturiser or blended with essential oils to create customised massage oils, body oils, serums, lotions and hair treatments.

When using carrier oils, choosing ones suitable for your skin type and specific needs is essential. Different carrier oils have varying absorption rates and properties, so it’s helpful to understand their benefits and characteristics. Always perform a patch test before using a new carrier oil to check for any allergic reactions or sensitivities.


Product Description

These Carrier Oils are 100% Cold-Pressed, Wild Harvested and Produced in Organic Environments. No oils are tested on animals. The seeds are wild harvested by rural women, ensuring fair trade practices. By meticulous cold-pressing, the purest oil is extracted in an organic environment. This product supports both environmental sustainability and the empowerment of local communities.

1. Marula Seed Oil

– Add a few drops of Marula Seed Oil to your favourite shampoo or conditioner for added moisturisation and nourishment.

– Mix Marula Seed Oil with Lavender essential oil for a relaxing and soothing hair treatment.

– Combine Marula Seed Oil with Peppermint essential oil for a refreshing and invigorating scalp massage.


2. Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

– Mix a few drops of Kalahari Melon Seed Oil into your conditioner to boost its hydrating properties.

– Blend Kalahari Melon Seed Oil with Ylang Ylang essential oil for a luxurious and fragrant hair treatment.

– Add Kalahari Melon Seed Oil to your shampoo and conditioner to enhance their moisturising effects for dry or damaged hair.


3. Baobab Seed Oil

– Incorporate Baobab Seed Oil into your deep conditioning treatment for added nourishment and repair.

– Mix Baobab Seed Oil with Rosemary essential oil for a stimulating scalp treatment that promotes hair growth.

– Combine Baobab Seed Oil with Geranium essential oil for a balancing and uplifting hair care experience.


4. Mongongo or Manketti Seed Oil

– Add a few drops of Mongongo Seed Oil to your leave-in conditioner for extra shine and smoothness.

– Mix Mongongo Seed Oil with Cedarwood essential oil for a grounding and fortifying scalp treatment.

– Combine Mongongo Seed Oil with Tea Tree essential oil for a clarifying and purifying hair care ritual.


5. Ximenia Seed Oil

– Mix Ximenia Seed Oil into your hair mask for deep hydration and nourishment.

– Blend Ximenia Seed Oil with Bergamot essential oil for uplifting and refreshing hair treatment.

– Add a few drops of Ximenia Seed Oil to your shampoo to boost its moisturising benefits.

Always perform a patch test before using any new oil or essential oil mixture and adjust the amounts according to your preferences and hair type. Enjoy experimenting with these oils and creating your personalised hair care rituals!

Oil Colour Comparison

Left to right: Ximenia, Mongongo, Baobab, Kalahari Melon and Marula
Left to right: Ximenia, Mongongo, Baobab, Kalahari Melon and Marula