Leading Mafura Butter Supplier

Afrika Botanicals is a leading supplier of Mafura butter.

We are pleased to offer Mafura (Trichilia emetica) butter to businesses and entrepreneurs looking for new and exciting alternative natural kinds of butter for their production processes.

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Supplier of Mafura Butter

Mafura Butter is sourced from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Southern Africa is the natural home of the Mafura tree.

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Supplier of Mafura Butter

Afrika Botanicals is a leading South African supplier of  Mafura butter worldwide. 

Mafura butter is suitable for cosmetic and skin applications.

 It is produced annually with new players entering the market.  

Why deal with us for Mafura Butter supply?

We are experts in sourcing and supplying Mafura butter. 

We understand the transactional processes and will assist you with all documentation.

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Benefits of mafura butter for the hair and skin

It is a moisturising butter

Improves the condition and health of the skin

Encourages regeneration of cells without clogging pores

It has anti-inflammatory properties

Heals dry skin

Good for the hair and scalp

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More information about Mafura Butter

This natural butter comes from the Mafura tree that grows primarily in the southern regions of Africa, predominantly Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The tree is also known as ‘forest mahogany,’ ‘Natal mahogany,’ ‘Cape mahogany,’ ‘thunder tree,’ ‘Christmas bells’ and ‘red ash.’ Mafura butter is derived from the tree’s seeds and comes in a cold-pressed form.

Natural Medicine

The seeds are edible and can be cooked or otherwise crushed to yield a milky juice used for drinking. Rich in fat and used in soaps, body and hair conditioner. The bark, seeds, leaves and roots are used medicinally by the Zulu people to treat many ailments such as stomach complaints, backache, and kidney problems.

It is abundant in critical fatty acids and is known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These can help prevent and treat blemishes and other skin problems like athletes’ feet and cold sores. It makes for an excellent hair moisturiser or conditioner.

This butter nourishes, revitalises and conditions hair.

Due to its high oleic content, the butter is relatively stable and, like olive oil, enjoys a shelf life of two to three years.

The butter has a strong nutty aroma and blends easily with other plant butter or base oils.