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African Botanical Products

African Botanical Oils

We are committed to sourcing high-quality indigenous oils from ethical and environmentally sustainable producers, ensuring product excellence and responsible practices. Experience the essence of Africa’s botanical treasures and elevate your formulations with our premium offerings.

Our producers follow fair labour practices and comply with their country’s labour laws. We do not support any product considered endangered or threatened. Naturally, we subscribe to the principles and guidance of the CITES Convention.


We have carefully selected a handful of botanical oils. Our model is to supply bulk quantities. Many oils have a shelf life of two years when retesting is is required. For this reason, we do not carry much stock. To provide the freshest oil, we inform our customers of the harvest times and pressing dates where applicable. Every order is processed individually.

Our competitive differentiator is that we source similar products from multiple producers. We assure you of the highest quality.

We offer modest and bulk quantities of botanical oils for your convenience. We only source products from proven producers with sound track records. In some instances, there might be more than one producer for the same product. In these instances we provide our customers with choices. The reason for deciding on a specific producer could be the texture, colour, smell or geographical location. Additionally, our product list grows continually. 

Altogether, we aim to offer our customers various African botanical oils based on quality, distribution reliability and seamless delivery.

The following certificates and permits will be provided:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Microbial Tests
  • Country of Origin
  • Phytosanitary certificates
  • CITES permits

Organic Certification

Our product list indicates which botanical oils are organic. Afrika Botanicals is a member of the South African Organic Sector Organisation, which strives for inclusivity in the green and organic economy. Likewise, our Southern African Essential Oil Producers’ Association membership provides guidance and knowledge.

African Botanical Products

Africa has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, with Sub-Saharan Africa alone boasting more than 45 000 plant species.

South Africa is also home to the Fynbos plant kingdom. 

Nonetheless, our mandate is to ensure our customers receive the freshest oils. Moreover, we undertake to supply oils that are fresh and closest to their production date as possible.

However, if you are looking for a specific botanical ingredient or oil that we have not listed, please send us your request via our contact form.

Who are we?

Afrika Botanicals is a South African company based in Cape Town.

We are a registered exporter and are tax compliant.

Our botanical oils are exported to customers around the world.

Afrika Botanicals is your purveyor of choice.

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