About Us


Our Vision

Afrika Botanicals will ensure sourcing the best quality African botanical, oil or butter for you. We will only source from producers who are ethical in their business dealings, compassionate about the environment they work in, and do not use child- or slave-labour in any capacity. That their harvests are sustainable and there is no degradation or pollution to the environment in which these plants grow. We will not sell any product from a plant or tree that is considered endangered.


We have selected a mere handful of plant types to bring Africa to the world, and prefer to supply in bulk quantities. We source our products from trusted and tested suppliers throughout Africa, and ensure that only the best quality products are distributed. We only include those products to which we can attest to – so our list on offer will only grow once we are satisfied with their quality and reliability of distribution.

Bringing Africa to the world

Afrika Botanicals is proud to bring you the rich diversity of Africa’s plant kingdoms. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are some 45 000 plant species found in varying biogeographical regions, and it is reckoned that Africa is home to at least 25% of the entire planet’s plant species.

Who we are?

We specialise in the supply of bulk material to those manufacturers in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Afrika Botanicals is your purveyor of choice.