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Prickly pear cacti aren’t just nice to look at. These succulents have powerful skin-nourishing properties backed by science!

The pulp and oil extracted contain antioxidants, fatty acids and phytochemicals for healthier and younger-looking skin:  

Fights Fine Lines 

Sun exposure causes skin to lose collagen and elasticity over time, leading to wrinkles. But prickly pear is rich in skin-strengthening Vitamin E, linoleic acid and antioxidants that research has shown boosts collagen production. This helps soften the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.[1]

Bye Bye Blemishes

Pesky acne-causing bacteria inflame your skin, leading to cystic breakouts. However, as demonstrated in lab studies, the plant compound indicaxanthin found in cacti fights these bacteria because of its antibacterial benefit.[2] With regular use of creams with prickly pear, you can win your battle against acne.

Smooth, Nourished Skin 

The rich nutrients in this versatile plant enable easy absorption without feeling sticky or greasy. It injects a surge of hydration and helps reveal brighter skin by exfoliating away dead cells.[3]

Experience a nourished, youthful glow with prickly pear-powered face oils, creams and cleansers.


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