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Cosmetic African Botanical Oil Supplier


Shop now for all your favourite oils in smaller quantities.
30ml to 1000ml bottles available.


We are still your favourite bulk supplier of indigenous African Carrier Oils. Contact us for bulk orders of any size


Unlock the power of nature with our exclusive range of private labelled Indigenous African Carrier Oils.

Shop now for all your favourite oils in smaller quantities.
30ml to 1000ml bottles available. 

Unlock the power of nature with our exclusive range of private labelled Indigenous African Carrier Oils.

We are still your favourite bulk supplier of indigenous African Carrier Oils. Contact us for bulk orders of any size

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Your leading supplier of natural African botanical oils.

Our comprehensive range features a wide selection of natural ingredients carefully curated to meet your needs.

We offer bulk sales in the traditional sense, but we’re also excited to introduce smaller, more convenient sizes for our oils. Now you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing the best quantity that suits your needs.

We take pride in our ability to supply both local and international markets. What sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to ensuring the freshness of our oils and the diversity of our sourcing. You can trust us to deliver oils of the highest quality, sourced from Africa’s rich and diverse landscapes.

Experience the difference with Afrika Botanicals and explore the extensive range of our products. Elevate your business with our natural botanical offerings, carefully crafted to meet your requirements. Contact us today to discover how Afrika Botanicals can be your trusted partner in sourcing the finest African botanical products and oils.

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About Afrika Botanicals

Based in the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier in the natural oils industry. We have extensive experience exporting our exceptional products internationally. We provide our natural African botanical oils to numerous  international cosmetic companies.

At Afrika Botanicals, our success stems from our profound understanding of natural African oils and our strong professional relationships with our suppliers. We take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients from the abundant landscapes of Africa, ensuring that every oil we offer is of the highest quality.

Join us on this botanical journey as we bring you the essence of Africa through our carefully selected oils range. Experience nature’s beauty, power and richness with Afrika Botanicals, your reliable and trusted partner in premium botanical products and oils.

Bulk supplier of botanical products and natural oils


Discover the natural wonders of Africa with Afrika Botanicals, your trusted supplier of premium botanical oils. With our expertise in the industry, we have become a go-to resource for a niche selection of natural African oils. As a leading provider, we proudly offer the following:

  • Natural oils and butters tailored for the cosmetic industry, providing exquisite ingredients for your skincare formulations.
  • High-quality, naturally derived ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the purity and effectiveness of your pharmaceutical products.
  • Personal health care oils that meet the needs of buyers and product developers, promoting wellness and vitality.

We are committed to your satisfaction, and if there’s any other natural botanical oil you’re seeking, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. While our speciality lies in a few exceptional oils, our knowledge of the botanical landscape is vast. Let us harness the power of nature for your specific requirements. Contact Afrika Botanicals today and unlock the true potential of African botanicals.

For further information on our range of oils, including their benefits and applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you and provide the information you need to make informed choices.

Experience the wonders of nature with Afrika Botanicals. Contact us today and embark on a journey of discovery with our exceptional selection of natural botanical oils.

Featured Product

Prickly Pear Oil Supplier

Unleash the power of the finest Prickly Pear oil on the market, meticulously cold-pressed in the heart of South Africa. Afrika Botanicals stands tall as the unrivalled leader in supplying this extraordinary oil.

Supplier of Natural African Botanical Oils

Buy quality botanical products from us

Can’t find your desired botanical product or oil on our site? No worries! Contact us; our international network of producers and suppliers will help source it for you. Customer satisfaction is our priority at Afrika Botanicals.

Leading supplier based in South Africa

Natural Oils, Cold Pressed Oils, botanical Oils

Afrika Botanicals is able to offer our clients a comprehensive list of different  essential and cold pressed oils. While we list our best selling products on our website we are able to source other products not listed. Please contact us and we will source the specific botanical products and oils for you. Email your request, fill in our online form or send us a WhatsApp.

We handle the complete supply process thereby removing all inconveniences.

At Afrika Botanicals, we take care of the complete supply process, eliminating all inconveniences for you. We pride ourselves on sourcing products of the highest standard in the industry, catering to both the domestic and export markets.

Here are some of the areas we handle on your behalf:

  • Documentation
  • Product sampling
  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Delivery and palletising

Rest assured that we have you covered at every step, ensuring a seamless and efficient supply process. Let Afrika Botanicals take care of the details so you can focus on enjoying the exceptional botanical products we offer.